An obvious question (with a not so obvious answer)

The co-principals get this question all the time: How do you split duties and responsibilities? We answer it this way all the time: We don’t. We do everything together. After all it’s a co-principalship. The job was designed not just for two people but for two people to do together. The power of our collaboration is amazing. In the process of working together, we make better quality decisions, we’re forced to consider a perspective other than our individual one, and we learn more about ourselves as leaders. No matter how solid we are/were as individuals, the work we do together is just plain better. For too long in education we’ve excluded leaders from the collaboration conversation. We know that outcomes for students are improved when teachers work together. Wouldn’t it make good common sense that those outcomes are even better when leaders and principals work together? We have allowed the traditional structure of leadership cloud our better judgement. But we believe that leaders are just as in need of thought partners as teachers. We’ve just started this journey as July 1 marked our one year anniversary! We’ve already learned so much and we’re excited to share it with you so please keep reading our blog. Together, Latoya and Mike


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