More Superpowers and Dreams (2 of 3)

As you may have read in the previous post by Dr. Waiksnis, we had a great day of collaborating as middle school principals today. Now when it comes to super heroes, my loyalty lies with the super hero who reminds us that our gift is often our blessing and our curse. That is why I’ve always loved Spider-Man. But today, I had the chance to choose a superpower for myself!
The super power I chose was x-Ray vision to see inside the hearts of others. As an educator, I believe so much of what we do is heart work-sometimes called hard work. Seeing the hearts of students would allow us to see all of the potential inside of our students. It would help us to see our students for who they can become. It would help us not be distracted by the challenges our students may face, and to be focused on who they are going to become with our help and their hard work. X-ray vision to see the hearts of students would help us not to be distracted by tough exteriors that are usually an attempt to disguise their true hearts.
I’ve always believed that effective discipline is about counseling not punishment. When we get to the heart of the issue, we can help students deal with the root causes of the obstacles they face. I’ve always believed that all kids want to be happy and successful, but need our help to figure out how to make that a reality.
But my super power wouldn’t just be my own, I’d share it with other educators so they could see the heart of every student. A changed mind starts with a changed heart!
Until Next Time,
Captain Cardiac a.k.a. Latoya


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