Mile High Perspective

imageLeadership is often a struggle between the 3rd floor perspective and the “on the ground” perspective. The detail orientation needed for many things often collides with the large picture thinking needed as well. It is not that one of these is correct and the other is wrong. You would be setting yourself up for failure to think it had to be either or, one way or the other.

One of the most powerful features of the co-principalship is having two people who think differently. Think of the best PLC in your school – are the teachers in it exactly the same, always thinking the same way? Probably not. In almost all schools there is one principal of course. This is limiting in so many ways. If the leader is stuck in one way of leading it limits the capacity of the school.

As co-principals we often think of things in a different manner. We always have the same goal- increased academic success for all of our students. However, we often have different views on how to reach our goals. Having each other to collaborate with in the same building every day allows us to combine our expertise and come to much more effective decisions. One of us may see the big picture while the other is thinking about the details needed to accomplish the goal.

Big picture thinking vs. more detail oriented thinking is only one small example of the power of the co-principalship. We know our teachers NEED to collaborate with other teachers to be their best.  We wonder why districts do not afford this to their principals?


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